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Everyone wants to look their very best on their wedding day. Everything you are going to be wearing will add to your beauty and your wedding jewellery forms a vital part of your wedding attire. The jewelry should match with the gown and also be comfortable to wear.

The accessories should be able to attract your guests but not outshine the wedding gown you will be wearing. Any accessories you choose to wear should be able to compliment your gown. This goes for the grooms too. The ties and pocket squares should be similar.

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Your wedding dress

The shape and cut of your wedding gown is going to influence your options for accessories. If you will be wearing a strapless dress, you need to decide how long the necklace should be.

Wedding Dress

The detail of your wedding gown is also going to dictate how fussy or simple your jewelry needs to be. If your gown has a high lace front neckline, you should not wear a necklace but some simple but elegant earrings.


Dress jewKnow if you want to wear the jewelry only for the wedding or on other occasions too. If you are going to wear it again, you need to decide how versatile the jewelry is going to be with different looks.


It is essential that you consider the aspects of your wedding which are important to you and then set aside budgets accordingly. If your budget is a bit tight, then you may have to compromise on the jewelry to keep down the cost. You should consider choosing white gold instead of platinum.

Skin tone

Just as you shop for clothes, there are some colors which suit natural skin tones far much better than others. The same applies to accessories. Certain metals and gems look good in certain skin tones. Any experienced jeweler is going to advise you on this issue.

Overall look and venue

Think about your overall look and your wedding theme. It is vital that you work with the details of your venue, dress and theme so that it either compliments or contrasts them in a good way.

It is important that you choose jewelry that reflects who you are as a person and your personality. You should feel comfortable in what you are wearing. It is obvious that you may have chosen a dress which compliments your personality thus think of doing the same with your accessories. If you are more at ease with getting simple jewelry for your wedding.


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