Keeping your jewelry in order is not an easy job at all, we all know the struggle of coming home after a night out and seeing clutter you had made before you left the apartment. The jewelry box is the savior when it comes to the clutter, everything you own will beautifully arrange in your box, and you won’t have to worry about losing your necklace or rings.

If you still do not have a jewelry box and you do not want to spend your money to buy a new one, there is actually a few things you can do. Here are top 4 pieces of advice on how to make your personal jewelry box.

ebony-ring-box1. Forgotten Books

Every one of us has one or more forgotten books laying on our shelves gathering dust, use the one that has the most attractive covers or use the one with the blank cover and embellish it with flowers or sequins. Open a book and cut a rectangle all the way to the covers, be sure to leave the 2-inch border on each side. Arrange your jewelry and enjoy your new jewelry organizer.

2. A chocolate box

Making a jewelry organizer out of a chocolate box you got from your boyfriend is a perfect way to save your present instead of eating chocolates and throwing the box away. Use decorative paper to coat the box, paint the inside and arrange your earrings, rings or bracelets. You can also cover it with sequins or pearls, and put it somewhere where everyone can see it.

3. Hair Curlers Ring Box

If you’re a ring lover, you will certainly need a ring box for your precious jewelry. Everything you will need to make your personal ring box is a sturdy plastic or cardboard box, pair of foam hair curlers, a mirror and decorative paper.


Coat the box with the beautiful paper, use sequins or pearls to embellish borders, glue the mirror to the coverlid, put hair curlers inside and you will have your ring box ready. Arrange your rings and pick a place where everybody can see your DIY project.

4. Aluminum cans

Don’t throw away aluminum cans from your food, wash them, carve them out and make your own jewelry box. Use several aluminum cans, cut them and glue them one to another, arrange them the way you want and cover them with a beautiful material or colorful threads. Add some ribbons and organize your jewelry.

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