How Many Charms Fit On A Pandora Bracelet?

How Many Charms Fit On A Pandora Bracelet?

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are closer and closer; this means we have to get our presents ready, and everyone knows a perfect gift for every woman is jewelry. There is nothing better than opening your Christmas gift and seeing it’s a shiny pair of earrings or a beautiful Pandora bracelet. Pandora bracelets are very popular nowadays, true, it is more popular in Europe than in the rest of the World, but still, no woman won’t be amazed by this gift.

Pandora bangle bracelet is my personal favorite, it is shiny, it is smooth, and like any other Pandora bracelet, it is an outstanding piece of jewelry. The Bangle clasp is spherical, so it resembles the Pandora logo. Now, when it comes to the number of the charms that can fit on a Pandora bracelet, the answer depends primarily on the size of your bracelet. The Pandora Bangle comes in three sizes 17cm, 19cm, and 21cm.


If your wrist size is about 15 or 16 cm, the bracelet size you will need is 17cm, however, if your plan is to add charms to it, you should go for a bigger size. Size 19cm is suitable if your wrist measures about 17-18cm, of course, if you want to add charms buy a larger one. Size 21cm will fit every wrist between 19 and 20cm, however adding charms will make your bracelet a little tighter, keep that in mind since 21cm is the largest bracelet size. Depending on the size, Pandora lovers recommend from about 8 to 10 charms.

However, Pandora’s initial advice was to completely fill your bracelet, for this you would need about 20 charms, also depending on the size of your bracelet. The size may vary, but the number of charms shouldn’t be bigger than 25.

If you’re want to know where you can find additional charms for your bracelet, you should be aware that, in some regions, Pandora offers few charms for free if you’re buying a bracelet too. If charms are all you need you can buy it in Pandora premises in your closest store, or you can order it online via Amazon or E-bay.

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The Pandora Bangle is circular shaped which is the biggest problem when it comes to charms, too many charms will probably make your bracelet tighter, so you have two options – pick a bracelet a size larger or wear less charms.

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